At CSG, our team of experts provides a range of services when it comes to handling our clients’ tax business needs. We know the laws; we know numbers; we know people. This combination allows CSG to build the best opportunities for our clients, their needs and their goals.

Cost Segregation

The practice of identifying assets and their costs, and classifying those assets for federal tax purposes.

Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Tax Deduction (179D)

Enacted as part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the Commercial Building Deduction or the 179D Deduction, as it’s often called, provides tax credits for business owners who construct or remodel their buildings to be energy efficient.

45L Energy Efficient Tax Credit

This tax credit equals $2,000 per apartment, condominium, townhouse or sing-family home to the developers of energy efficient buildings.

Fixed Asset Depreciation Review

This review calls for the evaluation of all of a company’s fixed assets – i.e. signage, computers, vehicles, etc. – and earmarks those with shorter, depreciable lives.

Research & Development Tax Credits

As a company, it helps to continue with research and development to come up with new and improved products and processes – which translate into tax credits.


If you’re a manufacturer, producer, reseller or exporter of U.S.-produced goods destined for overseas destinations, than this export tax incentive is available to you.

Captive Insurance

This form of self-insurance allows non-insurance companies to form an insurance company used solely to insure the risks of its owner(s).

State Credits & Incentives

In addition to federal tax credits, state credits and incentives exist for businesses across the board. CSG drills down to the state or local level to find our clients significant cost-savings.

Government Contracting

A long-term partnership with our team of specialized government contracting accountants will help to position your business to achieve its goals for financial growth.

Hospitality Industry

Develop an advantage over your competition in the hospitality industry by finding the right team and acquiring the right resources.

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